FREE Fertility Coaching by Smita Parikh, MD

FREE Fertility Coaching by Smita Parikh, MD


Receive a FREE 30 minute fertility consultation by Smita Parikh, MD, founder of The Fertility Advisor. The mission of The Fertility Advisor is to provide sound guidance and education, a holistic fertility plan, and ongoing emotional support. During the free consultation, Smitha will provide you with a complete overview of her services and fees. She will review your goals and expectations so that you can determine if this service is the best fit of you.


Dr. Parikh received her MD from Tufts School of Medicine in Boston and trained in Internal Medicine. She also completed a fellowship in Clinical Innovation where she learned about the best ways to use technology to activate and engage patients in their own healthcare. On a personal level, she struggled with infertility and explored numerous treatments including both natural and medical therapies to get pregnant.

To schedule your free consultation, please visit or email Smitha Parikh at