Circle+Bloom Podcasts on The Fertility Confidence, Endo Fertility, Fertility Hour, Fertility Friday and Beat Infertility Podcast

The Fertility Confidence Podcast: “Using Meditation for Fertility with Joanne Verkuilen”

The Endo Fertility Podcast: “Using the Mind’s Visualisation Capabilities to Improve Your Fertility with Joanne Verkuilen”

Fertility Hour Podcast: Healing Infertility By Harnessing The Mind-Body Connection with Joanne Verkuilen.

The Fertility Friday Podcast: Mind & Body Connection to Fertility, Visualization & Meditation for Fertility – Circle + Bloom with Joanne Verkuilen.

Beat Infertility Podcast: Visualization for Fertility Success with Joanne Verkuilen.

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Fertility Coupons

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Stress Relief

Circle + Bloom FREE Fertility Relaxation Mp3

Start your fertility journey with Circle + Bloom today and explore how a simple audio mp3 file can help you. Reduce stress and open the powerful mind-body connection, by making incredible strides to improve your fertility and overall health and wellness.

To learn more about Circle + Bloom mind-body programs for women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, and more,

Circle + Bloom FREE Miscarriage & Grieving Support Program

Circle + Bloom Miscarriage & Grieving Support Program is designed to prompt you with questions or statements to help you reflect on your journey and what you have gone through with your miscarriage providing you with some measure of comfort and healing. If you have suffered a miscarriage or other traumatic event; are feeling sadness, grief, anger and pain; recently undergone a D&C or other procedure, or any combination of the above, then this program should be your next step in your healing journey.

Trial Services and Products

FREE Yoga for Fertility Course by Fertile Hope Yoga

Receive a 14 Day Free Trial of Fertile Hope Yoga Membership. Included in this free trial: Ever Growing On-Demand Yoga for Fertility & Meditation Library, On-Demand Prenatal Yoga Library, Live Zoom Yoga for Fertility Classes, Mobile App, Downloadable Resources, Preview of everything offered at FHY. Sign up now for your free trial!

Plus receive FREE downloadable Fertility Affirmation Deck by FHY that consists of 75 cycle specific affirmation cards.

Restore Your Fertility And Get Pregnant Naturally

Iva Keene, an award-winning naturopathic doctor who takes a holistic approach to increasing your fertility authored a 39-page FREE report that highlights the most effective strategies she’s discovered for increasing your fertility naturally, based on scientific evidence. In it, you’ll learn topics like: 3 Common (And Costly) Mistakes About Natural Fertility, The Scientific Evidence For The Importance Of Preconception Care, The Top 6 Environmental Toxins To Avoid, A 7-Step Fertility Cleanse, and Why Living A “Healthy Lifestyle” Might Not Be Enough To Get Pregnant. Click here for your FREE report.
Learn How To Improve Your Egg Health Naturally Even If You’re 40+
11-Point IVF Support Checklist

Natural Fertility VIP

The Natural Fertility Company is extremely excited to announce the launch of our one-of-a-kind community, Natural Fertility VIP. Natural Fertility VIP is a community of women coming together to uplift and support one another, while receiving expert fertility education, expert classes, live support and professional guidance. Women from any part of the World can sign up here.

The IVF Planner: A Personal Journal to Organize Your Journey through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) with Love and Positivity by Monica Bivas

Monica Bivas has released a new book that is a perfect tool for anyone going through an IVF Cycle or ready to start one. Her warmth and positive approach from her own fertility journey and challenges lends well to helping you walk this IVF Path with strength and hope. “She has created a remarkable book that skillfully combines loving attention, positivity, practical wisdom and a deep sense of how to approach IVF in a less stressful way to help women and couples struggling with fertility issues achieve the positive outcome they seek” as best selling author Sharon King describes her book too. And, she has an integrative body-mind-soul approach which I truly admire and appreciate. This is a must have for anyone going through an IVF cycle. You can purchase it here: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles.

Advanced Hormone Testing for Conception Planning: $100 OFF DUTCH Hormone Test plus $50 OFF single session with Kristin Thomas

Have your doctors been running the right hormone tests to determine how healthy your hormones are or explain why you haven’t been able to get pregnant? Functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner (FDN-P), Kristin Thomas of Thrive by Food is a certified expert hormone specialist who runs the most advanced hormone lab test on the market, the DUTCH Complete test, which tests for ten estrogen markers, four androgen markers, three progesterone markers, your cortisol stress response, B vitamins, neurotransmitters, and much more. This gives you a complete picture of your hormone health, giving critical insight into your fertility and ways to rebalance it naturally. Contact Kristin for $100 off the DUTCH hormone test plus a $50 discount on a single session to work with Kristin for a FULL analysis of the results plus recommendations on what to do.

FREE Fertility Assessment Consultation & 20% Discount on “Jump Start Your Fertility Program”
by Misty Reed


Receive a FREE fertility assessment consultation and 20% discount on “Jump Start Your Fertility Program”.

The FREE Fertility Assessment Consultation helps women gain clarity about their fertility situation, what’s holding them back, and what their next step should be.

Jump Start Your Fertility Program includes:

1. Initial Consult (90-120 minutes)

2. Recommended treatment plan (with dietary, exercise, supplement, and alternative & complimentary medicine recommendations)

3. 2-3 coaching sessions during the month following the consult (30 minutes each)

4. Email contact between coaching sessions to keep you on track

Regular price: $500, w/ 20% discount code: circlebloom20 only $400.
Please mention the coupon code when booking your appointment.

Misty Reed has helped 100’s of women and couples achieve their dream of getting and staying pregnant using a unique approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine knowledge. She creates treatment plans for her clients that include recommendations for diet, supplements, acupressure, lifestyle, exercise, and other complimentary therapies as needed.

FREE E-Book: YOUR Perfect Fertility Diet: Tailoring The Diet to YOUR Needs

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 9.28.20 AM

Tired of all the conflicting fertility diet information? It is up to YOU to take control of your fertility journey and do the research to figure out YOUR perfect fertility diet. Anna, a blogger at developed this free e-book as a guide to jumpstart the process. It includes tailored diet information for many infertility diagnoses, such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Anovulation, Luteal Phase Defect, Thyroid Problems, Fibroids, Unexplained Infertility, and more! Click here to download your free e-book.

FREE Family Equality Council’s Path2Parenthood Family Building Guide

Family Equality Council’s Path2Parenthood Family Building Guide is filled with comprehensive and useful articles written by experts, addressing all aspects of LGBTQ family building. Our goal in creating this Guide was simple: Make it a useful resource that you will come back to all year long. Thanks to the quality of the authors and the articles, we believe we’ve accomplished our goal. Download your FREE copy today!

FREE PCOS Challenge Magazine

Download your free copy of Jan-March 2018 PCOS Challenge Magazine today or view it online.

FREE Charting Your Way To Conception Book

Fertility Friend “Charting Your Way to Conception [Kindle Edition]“ will teach you how to identify your fertility signs, find out when you are fertile, see if and when you ovulate, and how to use your fertility signs to maximize your chances of conception. It clearly explains the basics of fertility charting to achieve pregnancy, the relationship between your hormones and your fertility signs, how to observe and record primary and secondary fertility signs and how to interpret your fertility chart. The current version has been expanded to include more frequently asked questions about fertility charting for conception and includes over 80 “real life” chart illustrations.

FREE ConceiveEasy® TTC Kit™ System

Featuring a unique & all-natural blend of ingredients, the ConceiveEasy® TTC Kit™ System is doctor formulated and clinically proven to dramatically improve your chances of conception from the very first use. The kit includes a two month supply of ConceiveEasy’s Fertibella Natural Pills, that helps improve cycle regularity, and lead to a pregnancy. Choose between 3 bonus gifts:
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Fertility Financial Support

Tinina Q. Cade Foundation

The Tinina Q. Cade Foundation’s Family Building Grant is an annual award that provides up to $10,000 to needy, infertile families. These grants assist with the costs associated with infertility treatment or domestic adoption. Family Building Grants can take the form of a cash award that is payable directly to the clinic or agency or a medication award that will be sent to the fertility clinic of the recipient. The grants are available for medical treatment of infertility and child adoption. The fertility medication grant is provided through a generous donation from EMD Serono. Apply by February 1 for the Spring grant and July 1st for the Fall grant.

The Hope for Fertility Foundation

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 8.44.24 AM

The Hope for Fertility Foundation located in Utah provides fertility grants to couples across the United States. Our goal is to help couples overcome the financial barrier of going through fertility treatments.

Parental Hope Family Grant

Parental Hope

Parental Hope provides infertility awareness and financial support to hopeful couples battling infertility through the Parental Hope Family Grant. Since our inception in 2016, we have awarded three Grants for full rounds of IVF and one of our recipients is currently pregnant.

Baby Quest Financial Assistance

Baby Quest is a charitable organization whose goal is to grant financial assistance to those who cannot afford the high cost of procedures such as egg donation, IVF and surrogacy. Baby Quest next grant deadline is March 15, 2022. Click here to apply!

The Associates Home Loan Adoption Grant

The Associates Home Loan Adoption Grant was created to assist those who are wanting to adopt but may need financial assistance in the process. We believe individuals and families who are willing to open up their homes to adoptive children are worth recognizing. With that said, we understand that the adoption process can be costly. Our hope is our grant can be a source of support to supplement the cost of giving a child a loving, permanent family. A recipient will be selected twice a year. The first deadline is December 30th, and the second is June 15th. Click here to apply!

Circle + Bloom Fertility Financial Support Program

Circle + Bloom’s financial support program for Women’s Health and Fertility is still very much in the early stages, which is good because that means you can help form what this support program actually becomes. For starters they have set aside a fund to help offset up to 30% OFF the cost of their programs. Click here to apply!