Thinking Of Egg And Embryo Donation?

Are You Thinking About Working With An Egg or Embryo Donor?

The Law Offices of Amy Demma can help you understand everything that you need to think about. They offer counsel on egg and embryo donation agreement preparation, and are offering to include a complimentary review of the contract prospective parents will sign with their donor agency to any perspective parents that become clients from now until 2/15/2011.  They normally charge $250 to review this specific contract.

Education is important so if you are not sure about the benefits of an attorney reviewing your agency contract then you should read Amy’s latest blog on the topic: Signing An Egg or Embryo Donation Service Agreement?

Call Amy Demma at 516.662.7532 to learn more about her, the services she can provide and how you can receive your complimentary review of the donor agency contract.

Amy Demma is a New York State licensed attorney and founder of Law Offices of Amy Demma, a law firm focused on best practices in egg and embryo donation. Amy also founded and then sold Prospective Families Egg Donation Agency. Amy is a proud affiliate of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association, holding a past board position as Education Chairperson for RESOLVE, New York City and a current Vice President on the Board of Directors and Chair of the Advocacy and Legislative Committee for RESOLVE of New England. As a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, she is a member of the Legal Professionals Group and also contributes to the American Bar Association’s ARTs Law Group. Amy has written on the topic of egg donation for many fertility service providers, most recently at Fertility Authority.

To learn more about this Special Offer visit The Law Offices of Amy Demma, email Amy Demma at , or call her at 516.662.7532 and mention yourfertilitydeals.