Male Factor Formula Kit

Male Factor Formula Kit


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Male Factor Formula Kit

It contains herbs and nutritional supplements that help to support normal sperm health, count and motility.


  • Supports normal sperm production, count and health*
  • Assists the body in encouraging normal testosterone production, helping to support male libido*
  • Aids the body in protecting sperm from free radical damage, maintaining overall sperm quality*
  • Promotes normalized sperm motility in men*

Included in the Male Factor Formula kit:

  1. MH5 Male Fertility Formula
  2. MH5 is an herbal reproductive tonic formulated specifically to support male reproductive health and fertility. MH5 combines the most important herbs for male fertility helping to support normal sperm health, encourage healthy hormonal balance, and promote healthy libido and circulation to the reproductive system.*

  3. Wholefood Men’s Multivitamin
  4. This 100% whole food multivitamin contains nutrients needed for general health and for healthy sperm production:

    • Zinc– Zinc is an important nutrient the body uses to produce testosterone.*
    • Folic acid– Folic acid can support sperm health and sperm cell integrity.*
    • B12– Aids the body in producing normal sperm counts.*
    • Vitamin C– Helps to protect sperm from oxidative damage, supports quality of
      sperm in smokers and discourages sperm clumping.*
  5. Fertilica L-Carnitine
  6. L-Carnitine is an amino acid that helps support the body to allow sperm cells to function normally, which helps to promote normal sperm motility and sperm quality.*

  7. Fertilica CoQ10 Ubiquinol
  8. The most biologically active form of coenzyme Q10, known as Ubiquinol, has been shown through several studies to improve both egg and sperm health, while playing a key role in protecting DNA at a cellular level. Ubiquinol is readily absorbed in the intestinal tract, making it more “bioavailable” than ubiquinone. Ubiquinol supplementation provides a strong first-stage antioxidant effect against cellular oxidative damage.

  9. Fertilica Choice Antioxidants
  10. This blend of antioxidants helps to maintain sperm health as well as protect cell DNA (important for a healthy baby) from free-radicals. Antioxidants are necessary to help the body reduce the damaging effects of free-radicals on your cells. Free-radicals can cause damage to all of the cells of your body, including sperm cells. Antioxidants work best in combination, that is why we carry this synergistic antioxidant combination developed by Fertility Herbalist and Nutritionist, Hethir Rodriguez.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


The Male Factor Formula Kit includes complete instructions for use. For best results, use all of the products in the kit as directed for a minimum of 3 months.


The Male Factor Formula Kit includes:

  • 1 Bottle Fertilica MH5 Herbal Formula (30 – 60 day supply)
  • 1 Bottle of Fertilica CoQ10 Ubiquinol (60ct.)
  • 1 Bottle Mega Food Men’s Whole Food Multivitamin (60 day supply)
  • 1 Bottle Fertilica L-Carnitine (30 day supply)
  • 1 Bottle Fertilica Choice Antioxidants (30 day supply)

This kit will last approximately 30 days (some products will last longer).