85% OFF The Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility Ebook Bundle from My Hopeful Journey

85% OFF The Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility Ebook Bundle from My Hopeful Journey

Save 85% on The Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility Ebook Bundle now available for only $19 (Regular Price $123.90). Deal ends September 13th.

The Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility includes:

  • Surviving Infertility Month to Month Guide eBook
  • 6 Bonus eBooks including books from the Infertility Summer Reading List
  • 1 year premium membership to My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer
  • Bonus Guide: Three Simple Steps to Setting Boundaries with Your Fertile Friends Guide


Surviving Infertility: Month to Month Guide – Lisa Drouillard with Guest Writer, Fran Meadows & Many Contributors ($19)

This month by month survival guide is written by your virtual girlfriends, Lisa & Fran, and several cameo appearances from mind/body professionals too. We reflect on our infertility experiences, how we coped and what we learned in this guide that is organized by month and covers all of the major holidays and occasions that you must tackle on your journey. We also worked with some well-known mind/body professionals to create guided exercises that complement the monthly content. Monthly workbook pages allow you to create a custom plan to stay on track. The reference section is chock full of infertility terms, tips and tricks to surviving infertility and is a must have reference for anyone going through infertility treatment.

Contributors include: Fran Meadows – Infertility Author & Advocate, Candace & Chris from MTV’s True Life – I’m Desperate the Have a Baby & Bloggers, Joanne Verkuilen – Circle + Bloom, Helen Adrienne – Author & licensed Social Worker and certified Hypnotherapist, Molly Nichols – Mind Belly Connection, Renee Waggener – Xraordinary Fertility & Jill Wardell – Coach

The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility – Fran Meadows ($10.95)

The Truth Behind The Secret “Infertility” is a memoir that touches on the honesty of struggling to conceive, filled with raw, deep emotions with a taste of witty humor. Readers will relate to the feelings of another woman opening up about things that many dare to share. This book will make you feel less alone and like you are having a conversation with the Author as you read along. Written to give others hope through their journey you will feel the silence and stigma of infertility lift as you read along with showing the real inner strength of a couple shine through many painful experiences.

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Natural Fertility – Marni Hotchkiss ($15)

Natural fertility in today’s modern world encompasses the foods we eat, our behaviors, and our thoughts. Take a deeper look into how tools/apps as well as the right foods and other holistic approaches can positively impact pregnancy success.

Infertility Road to Hell and Back – Azelene Williams (18.95)

Infertility Road to Hell and Back is a memoir of Azelene’s Williams’ struggle with infertility. What about when that longed for baby never happens? When you realize that something is wrong and turn to professionals for help. Tests are done; treatments tried without success. Instantly connect with Azelene in her heartfelt infertility story.

Annual Premium Membership to My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer & Quick Start Guide ($60)

One year premium membership includes our comprehensive web and mobile fertility tracker. Organize your medications, appointments, test results, procedures and natural tracking in one place. Create custom reports from full web version, write in a journal, task list and much more.

Exclusive Bonus Content:

Infertility Summer Reading List Compilation eBook

Fourteen authors in the Infertility Survival Kit share their inspirational infertility stories to help you navigate your journey with excerpts and chapters from their books to create an exclusive Infertility Summer Reading List eBook Compilation. This is a one of a kind eBook that allows you to preview these books and get a sense for which book(s) best matches your needs. Check out these books in the Infertility Survival Kit and connect with the authors at #ifbooks where you can tweet the authors and learn more about their journey. Ebook compilation includes an exclusive sampler from the Fertile Kitchen Cookbook including recipes.

Infertility Insights – Voices Shared, Lessons Learned eBook

We asked the infertility community through blogs and social media to complete the statement, “I wish I would have known…. about infertility”. These voices in the community show their strength and courage by sharing their powerful lessons learned in an effort to help others on their journey. The eBook includes each person’s link in the Infertility Survival Kit so you may connect to them through their social media, blogs and website. Many of them advocate and support this community with a passion to make a difference on your journey.

Three Simple Steps to Setting Boundaries with Your Fertile Friends Guide – Renee Wagenner

This quick guide helps you have that difficult conversation with the person in your life that doesn’t know how to support you on your infertility journey. Three simple steps including how to set boundaries with the “Do Do” list.

Three Strategies for Taking Charge of Your Fertility – Russell Davis

The eBook was written to help you grow your family, whether through natural or assisted conception, by introducing you to the power of your mind and what it can achieve for you. You can remove the hidden mental obstacles to having a baby as well as influencing your body to create the best possible outcome.

The deal ends September 13th, so don’t wait too long. Click here to buy!