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60% OFF Infertility Survival Kit Gift Basket

What is the Infertility Survival Kit?
Lisa’s mission for My Hopeful Journey has always been to simpl-IF-y infertility treatment for the patient. She first did this with the My Hopeful Journey fertility organizer because there was nothing out there when she was going through treatment. The Infertility Survival Kit takes the My Hopeful Journey fertility organizer to the next level. Lisa created a fund raising campaign on indiegogo to reach more users with the My Hopeful Journey fertility organizer with an iPhone app called the Infertility Survival Kit. Her mission remains the same for this community but now she is taking what she has done with the mobile fertility organizer and adding other products to the Infertility Survival Kit. The app will integrate social media, a to do list with mobile content, and a directory of resources, products and events to further simp-IF-y infertility. The campaign is not solely about raising money but also a forum to raise awareness for this project!

One of the perks in this campaign is a gift basket of products and services for the infertility community. Receive The Infertility Survival Kit gift basket which includes, a 1 year membership to My Hopeful Journey’s fertility organizer, The Truth Behind the Secret Infertility e-book, Circle + Bloom’s 28 Ways In 28 Days to Re-think your Fertility ebook, and the My Fertile Food iPhone app. PLUS you get the $10 level included. US Shipping included. Retail value is over $75 for just $29.

There is only a week left in the online campaign. We truly appreciate all of the support we have received to achieve our mission to continue to simpl-IF-y infertility.

There are also other perks for both infertility patients and the professionals that support these patients. We are open to collaboration in this community and new ideas. Find My Hopeful Journey on facebook, twitter or email Lisa