50% Off Fertility Consultation

50% Off Fertility Consultation with Nest Consulting

Located in Auckland, New Zealand

Did you know that conception is only possible for a few days each month? In many cases the knowledge gained by a couple who understand their own fertility can help them to succeed in becoming pregnant.

Nest Consulting’s Natural Fertility Educator teaches individuals and couples in a program of three consultations to recognize their most fertile mucus, whether ovulation is occurring and whether the luteal phase is within the fertile range. Clients are also taught to recognize the signs of fertility associated with ovulation

Research has shown that a couple’s fertile window is a maximum of six days each cycle but for many couples those days may be as few as one or two. And with busy lives and hectic schedules, those days can be easy to miss!

Nest Consulting’s Educators are able to assist clients highlight potential fertility issues using the Sympto-Thermal Method (STM).

To determine the best program for you contact Nest Consulting directly, @ info@nestconsulting.co.nz mention YourFertilityDeals to receive 50% off the best program selected for you.