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50% Off Cooking for Fertility DVD

Cooking for Fertility DVD by Kathryn Simmons Flynn,
Author of Cooking for Fertility: Foods to Nourish Your Fertile Soul and Tiffany Pollard, owner of Eating for Evolution is NOW available for only $14.99 with FREE Shipping. Regular Price $29.97.

In this 105 minute DVD, you will learn how to make 12, scrumptious, easy to prepare, fertility enhancing meals. Discover the healing and regenerative powers of these foods and understand how time tested Chinese Medicine principles apply to your vitality and your virility! In Cooking for Fertility, Kathryn and Tiffany walk you through fertility meal preparation, taking you beyond the recipes and into the most “fertile” methods for preparing your foods. From there you can create many of your own “Cooking for Fertility” meals in a snap! Includes full recipes, important resources, and bonus footage to support you on your journey to conception. Enjoy! Click here to buy!