50% Off Acupuncture – Women’s Health Center

50% Off an initial health and wellness consult and acupuncture treatment session.

For only $75 you will receive a one and half hour initial consult and acupuncture treatment. The session will include a detailed health history review, discussion around the goals for treatment, recommendations around diet and lifestyle modification, an acupuncture treatment, and herbal regimen if appropriate. The goals can be focused around getting pregnant, or it can address any other health concern. This Offer is for women only as it is a Women’s health practice. Offices are located in NYC, Forest Hills NY and Mineola NY.

Miriam Pineles is the founder of Conscious Health & Wellness. She is Board certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal medicine, and also a certified Birth doula. She has devoted her practice to resolving women’s health issues through the application of acupuncture and Herbal medicine as individual treatment regimens and/or as a compliment to traditional Western remedies.

She named her practice “Conscious Health and Wellness” because She sees much of life as a constant “awakening.” As we learn to listen to our bodies’ signals and our heart’s desire, we will learn how to best take care of ourselves and our families, and thereby minimize our need for visits to the doctor and various medications and medical procedures. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is a natural way to alleviate the pain and discomfort of disease to help you achieve greater health and vitality in life.

To receive this offer contact Miram directly and mention Your Fertility Deals!

Email: Miriam@conscioushealthandwellness.com
Phone: 347-878-9619