50% OFF 4 Months to Fertile

50% OFF 4 Months to Fertile

Receive 50% OFF 4 Months to Fertile by September. Your journey to fertility begins with healing and understanding your body! September is the creator of 4 Months to Fertile and will be personally guiding you through the program, which will help you heal and fertilize your body and take control of your own fertility. But before we proceed with the Program, September needs you to think about this question:

What are you willing to do for yourself to regain your fertility?
All it takes is openness! And she knows from the very fact that you are here, you have exactly what it takes to heal yourself and take control of your own fertility. The training that you have just found is no ordinary program.

This is a complete program where you will learn and understand what foods that you are probably eating at nearly every meal are destroying your chances for conception, what foods you can add in to help fertilize your body, and how to harness the power of your mind to aid in healing and fertilizing your body.

First, you will learn to flush out waste from your body. When waste, including old, dead cells, toxins, and chemicals build up inside your body everything quickly becomes sluggish. This is not a cleanse as cleanses are too harsh for someone whose intent is to carry a baby. Rather, this is a way to get things moving and flowing as they should to improve blood quality, heal organs, and make your body an inviting place in which to grow a baby. Next, you will learn which foods your body desperately needs to maintain hormone balance and achieve maximum fertility.

September will be communicating often and will be available to you through email, and a private forum. Are you ready to take control of your life and your fertility?

Purchase today to begin your journey to fertility immediately. Enter discount code bloom50 at checkout. After purchase you will be taken to jigsawbox.com where you will first create an account and then gain access to 4 Months to Fertile program.