40% OFF Moontime Tea’s Fertility Blend

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Moontime Tea’s Fertility Blend combines the highest quality organic ingredients, used by herbalists for centuries to support reproductive function:

  • Organic Peppermint leaf:
    strengthens sex drive*
  • Organic Red Clover Blossoms: alkalinizes and purifies the blood*
  • Organic Red Raspberry Leaf: strengthens the uterus and regulates menstruation*
  • Organic Nettle Leaf:
    chlorophyll rich, blood building herb*

The fertility tea is also a wonderful reminder to include relaxation in your life. One of the intentions behind Moontime tea is to honor the ritual of sitting and taking time to nourish your self each day. Instead of draining your adrenals the way coffee does, this tea for fertility replenishes your very essence. Each pouch contains 30 teabags to be enjoyed daily.