35% OFF Circle + Bloom’s Energy for Empowerment Mp3 Program

35% OFF Circle + Bloom’s Energy for Empowerment Mp3 Program

Sometimes you just need a bit of a break from trying to conceive, and Circle + Bloom’s Energy for Empowerment program can help. The program will guide your brain on a journey inside your body so it can help direct the body to find balance, health and energy. It has been shown that when we visualize, a powerful mind-body connection can be tapped into. Sound difficult? Confusing? Well it is not! Circle + Bloom has done all the research and crafted this special, enjoyable and easy-to-use program to use the incredible brain-body intelligence we all possess.


  • Use guided visualization to potentially help your body enhance energy levels to accomplish all of your goals in life
  • Minimize the effects of stress which may be reducing your levels of energy
  • Feel in greater control of your body, levels of health and well-being
  • Potentially improve metabolism, circulation, hormone balance through powerful guided visualization techniques
  • Get better sleep throughout the night

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