30% OFF 4 week online workshop from Fertility Wellness Group

30% OFF 4 week online workshop from Fertility Wellness Group

Receive 30% OFF Fertility Wellness Group’s 4 week online workshop how to write or journal your fertility story and create an inspiring ending.
Regular $100. Now for only $70. Starts July 9th, 2012.
To sign up email fertilitywellnessgroup@hotmail.com and mention YourFertilityDeals.

Workshop Info: Lenore and Diana have decided to work together to help women struggling with fertility in a unique way: by helping them write about it. Whether it’s creating a journal, a scrapbook or a combination of both, by writing about the experience as it is being lived, it can be beneficial in many ways.

Why should you hire Fertility Wellness Group?

  • To be cleansed
  • To be empowered
  • To create something to keep or even share with your future children
  • To write your own positive ending
  • To work with a team of women that will help you

Workshop Format

  • It is four weeks long
  • Each week focuses on another part of your journey
  • You will meet each week with Diana and Lenore (your ghostwriters) and other women struggling with their fertility
  • You will have a team of supporters each step of the way

Session Breakdown

  • Backstory
  • Decision to have a baby
  • Realization of a problem
  • Identify key factors and players to write your future