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$20 Unlimited Yoga Classes for 1 Week from Awaken Wellness in Columbia, MD

Receive Unlimited Yoga Classes for 1 Week from Awaken Wellness for only $20. See complete list of their Yoga Classes here.
Click here to sign-up and schedule/pick your week. Select classes from the series and membership tab and then select My Fertility Deals as the item. Classes will be activated once you come to class and you will have one week from the day you take your first class to come to as many classes as you would like. Expires August 31st.

Awaken Wellness is a safe, professional, and healing space for women and couples wanting to conceive a child. Their practitioners support fertility through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, massage, Reiki, nutrition & yoga. Awaken Wellness assist you wherever you are in the process of conception, whether you are just starting on this journey or you have been trying for some time.

Awaken Wellness practitioners meet you where you are and are trained in complementing your medical fertility treatments. They work in partnership with your medical doctor in treating the mind, body and spirit. Their treatments do not replace Assisted Reproductive Therapy; rather they support their patients and the doctors to achieve better results with fewer side effects.