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15% OFF Supplements & Chinese Herbs for Fertility + $5.00 OFF Multishapers™ Multivitamin + FREE Shipping

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Fotolia_42017761_Subscription_Monthly_XXLEveryone is made differently and may be experiencing fertility problems for different reasons. For example, one woman may be having infertility because she is running low estrogen, while another might be having problems because of too much estrogen, yet another woman may have thyroid problems. So why would you treat all of these women the same when they are having infertility for different reasons? Multishapers™ takes the individual woman into consideration and we have pinpointed specific signs and symptoms to get you the exact herbs and supplements that YOU need, not what the other woman needs.

Save $5.00 on Multishapers Multivitamin + FREE Shipping in the US for a limited time. Enter coupon P95FW7H at checkout.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.39.02 AMHave you ever wondered why the woman standing next to you gained weight easier than you or gained weight in her hips and thighs while you only gained it in your stomach? Well there is a reason for that. Not all bodies utilize vitamins and minerals the same. The Chinese knew over 2,000 years ago that people did not have fertility, hypertension or weight gain problems for the same reason. So why would you take a multivitamin or supplements that don’t cater to you and your needs. Your body shape dictates the hormones that you tend to produce on a daily basis, which can affect your chances at fertility. Taking care of your constitution is key to overall hormonal balance for pregnancy and our multivitamin is a good place to start. Please visit Multishapers™ for more information on your body shape and ways to naturally boost your fertility!