15% OFF B-Vitamin Injection Package from Blossom Clinic

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15% OFF B-Vitamin Injection Package – Blossom Clinic

Receive a 15% discount on Blossom Clinic’s 4 B-Vitamin Injections now available for only $102 (Regular Price $120).

B vitamins are essential nutrients that our bodies use for many processes from head to toe. B 12 in particular is vital in the production of red blood cells, the function of the nervous system and DNA production.

B 12 and the other b vitamins are usually absorbed in the digestive tract, however in many cases absorption is hindered by digestive system problems. For this reason B vitamins are often given as injections in order to override the digestive system. Many individuals will feel the positive effects of a B vitamin injection within minutes of receiving it and for up to a week afterwards.

Benefits of B vitamin injections:

  1. Energy
  2. Stress reducer
  3. Mood lifter/anxiety buster
  4. Helps with nerve damage
  5. Improves sleep

You can feel the benefits of B 12 while trying to conceive, or even during pregnancy too.

Purchase your B-Vitamin Injections directly online (in their online store click under packages link and select B Vitamin Injection Package there) or at your first appointment.