15% – 30% OFF Specialty Medications through DesignRx

15% – 30% OFF on Specialty Medications with FREE Membership from DesignRx®

DesignRx® can help you better afford your specialty medications ranging anywhere from 15% to 30% depending on which specialty pharmacy you choose. Specialty pharmacies are a great benefit to you. They will give you the support you need in education and experience with these medications – and will be there for you when you have questions about your medications.

DesignRx® is not an Insurance Company or a Pharmacy Benefit Manager. However, DesignRx® applies a similar model for its unique patient membership. DesignRx® negotiates drug discounts on behalf of its membership and enforces its formulary through a carefully selected pharmacy network.

FREE Membership when you enroll through one of their network specialty pharmacies (click here to view a complete list) or by enrolling online!

To learn more about DesignRx®, please visit www.designrx.net, or contact them via phone at (877) 416-6600 or online