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Receive 15% off Circle+Bloom Fertility & Women’s Health Mind-Body Programs which can help improve your chances of conception. We have something for all stages of fertility, including Natural, IUI, IVF, FET, PCOS, Egg Donation, Embryo Donation, Men, etc. Enter coupon code FRIEND15 plus join Circle+Bloom’s NEW Referral Program.


The PCOS Workbook Ebook Giveaway


One lucky winner will win Angela Grassi & Stephanie B. Mattei’s The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health ebook. This practical and comprehensive guide helps you understand not just the physiology of PCOS, but what you can do about it. Step-by-step guidelines, meal plans, questionnaires and exercises will help you learn skills and empower you to make positive changes in your life that might not get rid of PCOS, but will help you live with it harmoniously.

Angela Grassi & Stephanie B. Mattei’s The PCOS Workbook: Your Guide to Complete Physical and Emotional Health EBook Contest (Value of $14.99) open worldwide, runs from September 2nd at 12:01 AM and ends November 2nd, 2014 at 12:01 AM. Enter today for 1 of the entries of your choice or ALL and receive more chances of winning. Please make sure you follow what it asks you to do in each entry form and then click enter, by clicking enter it will not automatically do the task for you; all entries will be verified! By entering in our Giveaway you are agreeing with our Terms and Conditions (See below Terms in the Rafflecopter Form).

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15% Off Circle+Bloom Fertility Programs

Receive 15% off Circle+Bloom Fertility Programs. Enter coupon code FRIEND15 plus join Circle+Bloom’s NEW Referral Program.

15% Off ToConceive Natural Conception Lubrication

Save 15% off ToConceive Natural Conception Lubrication 1-bottle order. Enter coupon code 15off1.

Save up to $360 on Prenate Vitamin Voucher

Save up to $360 on your next 12 prescriptions of Prenate Mini or save up to $240 on your next 12 prescriptions of the Prenate Brand Family of Products.

$2 Off First Response Pregnancy/Ovulation Tests

Receive $2 off First Response™ Pregnancy/Ovulation Tests. First Response™ offers home use pregnancy and ovulation tests to help plan for pregnancy.

$3 Off e.p.t® Pregnancy Tests

Receive $3 off e.p.t® Pregnancy Tests. e.p.t® provides the accuracy you want when you need it the most—and has been for over 25 years! e.p.t® pregnancy tests are available in analog and digital models and provide easy-to-read results in minutes!

$10 SpermCheck Fertility Test Rebate

Receive $10 off Spermcheck Fertility, a simple and reliable, FDA-approved test, done in the privacy of your own home, which can quickly inform men as to whether their sperm count is normal or low.

10% Off Early-Pregnancy-Tests a large web retailer of preconception products from pregnancy and ovulation tests, fertility monitors, basal thermometers, vitamin supplements, is offering a 10% discount on their pregnancy and ovulation test strips. Use promotion code BFP4ME at time of check out to receive the 10% discount.

10% Off Fairhaven Health

Fairhaven Health is a leading supplier of fertility and pregnancy related products, their products include FertilAid fertility enhancing supplements, FertiliTea, Fertile Focus Ovulation Microscope, and more. Use promotion code yourfertilitydeals at time of check out to receive the 10% discount on all their products except the OvaCue, Fertility Monitor and Pre-Seed. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

$10 Off OvaCue Monitor

Receive $10 off Fairhaven Health OvaCue Fertility Monitor. Enter promotion code ovacue at time of checkout.

15% Off Overcoming Infertility EBook

Sarah Holland’s ‘Overcoming Infertility With EFT’ ebook eradicates the stress of fertility issues and helps you move positively forward towards parenthood. Use promotion code 999reasons to receive the 15% discount.

Trial Services and Products

FREE The AFA’s 2014 Infertility & Adoption Guide

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 12.37.29 PMThe American Fertility Association Infertility & Adoption guide is filled with comprehensive and useful articles written by experts, addressing all aspects of family building. Download your free guide today.

FREE Lane Fertility Magazine

Cover-SlantedLane Fertility Magazine is published twice a year in print and as a digital edition. Their mission is to increase awareness among young women about their fertility and to serve as a resource for women and men undergoing fertility treatment. Download their latest edition.

FREE PCOS Challenge E-Zine Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.09.36 PMDownload your free copy of PCOS Challenge E-Zine Magazine today or view it online.

FREE Fertility ebooks by Reproductive Wellness

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 3.28.11 PMNutrition is key to help you achieve your dreamed healthy pregnancy. What you eat, how you eat it and when depending on your cycle can improve your fertility and your body’s natural ability to get pregnant. Easy recipes, natural supplements and much more to help you get pregnant faster.

imagesGetting pregnant can be very confusing and frustrating when it is taking longer than you would want. There are a lot of things you could be doing at home to enhance your fertility and get pregnant faster. At the Fertility Guidebook you will find information about nutrition, natural supplements, home therapy you should be doing at home, information for male infertility, and much more!

Click here to download both Fertility ebooks.

FREE Infertility eBooks

2 FREE eBooks on Infertility, in hopes these eBooks of compiled infertility-related articles could aid in shedding some light into the subject and provide solutions and hope for those aiming to conceive.”

Infertility, Facts, Causes, Prevention and Solutions” ebook and “Your Food and Diet against Infertility” ebook by Victory A.R.T. Laboratory Phil. Inc. Download today!


FREE How To Have Babies, Even With PCOS Book

If you’re struggling with PCOS; if you want to have your own baby, or babies; if you want to conceive; reduce your risk of miscarriage; reduce your risk of pregnancy complications; and increase your chances of giving birth to a healthy, bouncing baby… then ‘The PCOS Fertility Special Report: How To Have Babies, With PCOS Book by Dr. Rebecca Harwin is for you.


FREE Charting Your Way To Conception Book

Fertility Friend “Charting Your Way to Conception [Kindle Edition]“ will teach you how to identify your fertility signs, find out when you are fertile, see if and when you ovulate, and how to use your fertility signs to maximize your chances of conception. It clearly explains the basics of fertility charting to achieve pregnancy, the relationship between your hormones and your fertility signs, how to observe and record primary and secondary fertility signs and how to interpret your fertility chart. The current version has been expanded to include more frequently asked questions about fertility charting for conception and includes over 80 “real life” chart illustrations.

FREE 6 Month Membership to My Hopeful Journey

Receive a FREE 6 Month Membership to My Hopeful Journey when you purchase Circle + Bloom Mind-Body Programs. Once you make your purchase you will receive an email with your FREE Membership to My Hopeful Journey. My Hopeful Journey is a web-based calendar, task list and journal for women that are trying to conceive. It is customized for infertility treatment, is easy to use, and helps manage everything you need to track on a daily basis, including appointments, medication, tests, procedures and natural tracking.

FREE Ovuline

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 9.11.14 PMSign-up for Ovuline for free. Ovuline created an algorithm to help women get pregnant faster. They do the analysis of the data you’ve entered, as well as over 700,000 data points entered by their other users, to generate a fertility score each day so that you know when you’re at your most fertile. And they’ve proven that their analysis works; their users get pregnant three times faster than the national average.

FREE ConceiveEasy® TTC Kit™ System

Featuring a unique & all-natural blend of ingredients, the ConceiveEasy® TTC Kit™ System is doctor formulated and clinically proven to dramatically improve your chances of conception from the very first use. The kit includes a two month supply of ConceiveEasy’s Fertibella Natural Pills, that helps improve cycle regularity, and lead to a pregnancy. Choose between 3 bonus gifts:
20 Early Result Pregnancy Tests, 20 Ovulation Strips OR 10 Early Result Pregnancy Tests and 10 Ovulation Strips. Click here for your FREE 30 Days Trial with no obligation to buy. After the 30 days is up you will be charged $39.95 per month and receive a new shipment every 60 days. If you decide the TTC Kit is not for you, you can cancel before the 30 days is up and keep the ovulation and pregnancy tests.

FREE 30 Minute Fertility Consultation

Headshot_200px Amanda Johnson, CHHC, is a certified holistic health coach, and she is passionate about educating and guiding women through their fertility journey. After struggling with infertility, Amanda created great changes within her nutrition and lifestyle, and was able to fly through the IVF process and successfully conceived twins! She is eager to help other women realize their dream of motherhood, whether naturally or through fertility treatments. Contact her for a free consultation!

FREE 30 Minute Fertility Consultation
with Reproductive Wellness

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 3.42.13 PMIf you are ready to discuss your needs, we are ready to listen. Our Fertility experts offer free skype and phone consultations to discuss your fertility and help you enhancing your and your partners fertility. Give us a call 858 381 2281 or visit to schedule your fertility consultation!

FREE 30 Minute Fertility Consultation with Smita Parikh

SmitaParikhReceive a FREE 30 minute fertility consultation by Smita Parikh, MD, founder of The Fertility Advisor. The mission of The Fertility Advisor is to provide sound guidance and education, a holistic fertility plan, and ongoing emotional support. During the free consultation, Smita will provide you with a complete overview of her services and fees. She will review your goals and expectations so that you can determine if this service is the best fit of you.

FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation with Iva Keene

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 3.55.30 PM Sign-up for your complimentary 15 minute phone consultation with Iva Keene to talk about your fertility case. NFP! Fertility Specialist Iva Keene empowers you to take control of your fertility & get pregnant naturally.

FREE Fertility Strategy Phone Consult with Dr. Lee

Sign-up for a FREE Fertility Strategy Phone Consult with Dr. Ann Lee, Naturopathic Doctor & Acupuncturist, an expert in natural medicine and infertility. After having a general family practice, Dr. Lee’s passion became wanting to help those who have the greatest potential to pass down healthy habits generation after generation. She created the Natural Fertility Formula out of her own experience working with women struggling with infertility. Dr. Lee often says, “The cause of infertility encompasses all aspects including, mental, emotional, and physical factors that need to ALL be addressed.”

FREE 20 minute Infertility Counseling Consultation from Helen Adrienne in NYC/NJ

Whether in or out of the New York metropolitan area, Helen can be available to you. For a FREE 20 minute consultation, call 212-758-0125.

Helen Adrienne, Licensed Certified Social Worker and certified hypnotherapist, is a general therapist who specializes in infertility counseling, couples counseling for infertility, mind/body stress reduction for infertility and gynecological and reproductive issues.

iTunes App

FREE Download of Bump & Me App

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 1.23.02 PMBump & Me is a free application that gives mums-to-be a comprehensive guide from conception to delivery. With the ultra modern 3D fetal development images, to the latest tips and tricks, this APP is sure to make you feel reassured and look fantastic throughout your entire pregnancy. Bump & Me prides its self on that the entire APP is dedicated to just you and your bump.

FREE Download of OvaGraph App

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.20.04 PMOvaGraph is the ideal app for fertility charters who are on the move and looking for an alternative to traditional pen and paper fertility tracking methods. This FREE fertility charting app allows you to store and graph all of your menstrual cycle data (including fertility monitor results, BBT temps, ovulation test results and cervical mucus changes) in one convenient place to help you pinpoint the most fertile days in each menstrual cycle.

FREE Download of Ovatemp App

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.17.32 PM

Get a FREE trial and download of the easiest way to keep track of your cycles. Ovatemp app is incredibly easy to use and the best way to use FAM. To get the app simply subscribe to their website and they’ll keep you up to date with their very cool products that are on the way.

FREE Download of Pregnancy Companion App

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.17.39 PM

Pregnancy Companion is the most INFORMATIVE pregnancy app available. Created and written by two highly respected practicing OB/GYN physicians, it’s like having your own doctor’s trusted advice (and lots of cool tools!) right at your fingertips.

Available for free download at iTunes and for Android version

FREE Download of Infertility Survival Kit App

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.21.15 PM

The Infertility Survival Kit is a must have for anyone that is having a difficult time trying to conceive or going through infertility diagnosis & treatment. Our mission is to simplify infertility for patients with these amazing resources and tools to help you on your journey including the My Hopeful Journey fertility organizer, a to do list, the greatest social media integration and a comprehensive directory of services, products and events.

Available for free download at iTunes (free apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod)
If you don’t have an iPhone, iPad or iPod you can still access these resources from the Infertility Survival Kit website

FREE Download of My Mobile Fertility App

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.22.10 PM

My Mobile Fertility is the first mobile application available that provides a comprehensive industry wide directory of services specifically for your fertility needs. The app places this valuable and extremely helpful information in the palm of your hand…for free. In addition to the wealth of knowledge with listings of professionals and services, and the support and expertise they offer, this app utilizes mobile technologies to enhance and support users on the go. My Mobile Fertility is an invaluable tool for your fertility journey.

Available for free download at iTunes (free apps for iPhone, iPad, iPod)
Android version NOW available

FREE Download of Kindara App

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.22.58 PM

The Kindara app for iPhone, and iPod touch has a simple interface and innovative chart display, so you’ll see when you’re fertile, quickly and easily. Using the highly accurate Symptothermal Method of fertility charting, Kindara will help you answer important questions about your fertility. A must for anyone thinking about starting a family. Download Kindara free app and start charting today.

FREE Download of Attain Fertility® Planner App

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.23.09 PM

Reduce your time to conceive by half! The Attain Fertility Planner is the only fertility tracking application that is FDA approved. For most fertile couples, it takes about 6 cycles to get pregnant. Use the planner to coincide with your cycle and ovulation – and your average time is reduced to half. Use the iPhone free app for when you’re on the go and the web-based version for even more features.

FREE Download of Attain Fertility® Predictor App

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 1.23.18 PM

The Attain Fertility® Predictor is designed for women to see the likelihood of having a baby through IUI or IVF treatment for 1, 2 & 3 cycles. Since age plays a big role in your chance of becoming a parent, the app helps you determine if you should see a fertility specialist & then locates the Attain Fertility clinic nearest so you can request an appointment. You also get other free tools, a BMI calculator & fertility loan calculator.

Fertility Financial Support

Maverick’s Miracle Babies Procreation Grant

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 2.06.16 PM

Maverick’s Miracle Babies Procreation Grant is to be used for medical costs surrounding IUI and IVF procedures. Each grant awards up to $20,000 per couple. Once a child is conceived, all remaining funds will return to the procreation grant fund to be used for another couple. Grant is awarded four times a year. Next grant deadline is December 31, 2014. Click here to apply!

Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 8.25.38 PM

Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation is a non-profit organization in North Carolina offering grants for IVF in various states.
Click here for more info on how to apply!

Baby Quest Financial Assistance

Baby Quest is a charitable organization whose goal is to grant financial assistance to those who cannot afford the high cost of procedures such as egg donation, IVF and surrogacy. Baby Quest next tentative grant deadlines is November 12, 2014.
Click here to apply!

Circle + Bloom Fertility Financial Support Program

Circle + Bloom’s financial support program for Women’s Health and Fertility is still very much in the early stages, which is good because that means you can help form what this support program actually becomes. For starters they have set aside a fund to help offset up to 60% OFF the cost of their programs. Click here to apply!

FREE Membership from DesignRx®

Receive a FREE Membership when you enroll through one of DesignRx® network specialty pharmacies . DesignRx® can help you better afford your specialty medications ranging anywhere from 15% to 30% depending on which specialty pharmacy you choose. Click here to sign up!

Attain® IVF by Attain Fertility™ Centers

Attain® IVF Programs provide multiple IVF treatments for a single, discounted fee. They are available exclusively at fertility clinics within the Attain Fertility Centers network.

In Vitro Sciences IVF Financial Share Program

IVF refund program offers up to 3 fresh and 3 frozen cycles at an upfront discounted fee. If a birth is not achieved, patient will receive a 70% refund. Treatment must be received at an In Vitro Sciences Center of Excellence. Click here to learn more!

Fertility Centers of New England IVF Assist
and EGG Assist Program

The Fertility Centers of New England IVF Assist Program costs $6,800 per cycle and is all inclusive (except for medication). Should pregnancy not occur after two cycles, the third IVF cycle will be provided FREE of charge. In addition they offer an IVF Assist Money-Back Guarantee Refund giving you back 70% should a successful pregnancy (defined as a live birth) not be attained following 3 fresh IVF attempts and all frozen embryo transfers. The Fertility Centers of New England also offer a similar Program EGG Assist Program for Donor Eggs and EGG Assist Money-Back Guarantee

SIRM Financing Options and Discounted Fertility Treatment Cost Plans

Sher Fertility Institutes offers a number of IVF cost package plans and financing options to bring fertility treatment within reach of all of their patients: The SIRM “Giving Back” Initiative, Micro IVF, Single Cycle Plan, Two Cycle Plan, Three Cycle Plan, The Access Plan, Insurance Reimbursement, Medical Financing, and Fertility Rescue – Free Egg Freezing for Cancer Patients. To learn more about these plans click here!

Shady Grove Fertility Financial Programs

Shady Grove Fertility offers a variety of financial programs for patients without insurance benefits including: Shared Help Fertility Treatment Discount Program, Multi-Cycle Discount Program for IVF, Guarantee or 100% Refund Options for IVF and Donor Egg, Shared Donor Egg, Financing through Fertility Finance, and more.

WINFertilitySM Quality Discount Treatment Program

The WINFertility Program offers patients a single, discounted package price (Treatment Bundles) for both medical treatment and infertility medications. Savings are up to 50% off the costs of unbundled fee-for-service treatments and retail medication prices. Treatment Bundles are purchased for individual cycles, making high quality treatment affordable without making multi-cycle commitments. Packages are available for Diagnosis, IUI, IVF, FET and Donor Egg Cycles with specific Treatment Bundles varying by practice.

Stress Relief

Circle + Bloom FREE Fertility Relaxation Mp3

cb_freefertility_icon200Start your fertility journey with Circle + Bloom today and explore how a simple audio mp3 file can help you. Reduce stress and open the powerful mind-body connection, by making incredible strides to improve your fertility and overall health and wellness.

To learn more about Circle + Bloom mind-body programs for women’s health, fertility, pregnancy, and more,

Circle + Bloom FREE Healing + Recovery Program

cb_miscarriage_icon200Circle + Bloom Healing + Recovery Program is designed to prompt you with questions or statements to help you reflect on your journey and what you have gone through with your miscarriage providing you with some measure of comfort and healing. If you have suffered a miscarriage or other traumatic event; are feeling sadness, grief, anger and pain; recently undergone a D&C or other procedure, or any combination of the above, then this program should be your next step in your healing journey.

Circle + Bloom FREE Audio Mind-Body Seminar

Designed as a companion to Circle + Bloom library of audio mind-body programs, their new “how to” mp3, Discover your Mind-Body Connection, will teach you about how the mind-body connection works, the impact of our thoughts and feelings on our body, and suggestions on how to begin taking real and measurable action steps to implement these powerful techniques into your life.

Learn how to:

– Understand how your thoughts influence real and physical changes in your body

– What you can do to help positively influence your health using this powerful connection

– Realize how important relaxation is for your well-being, heart-rate and circulation

– Use a mind-body daily regimen to accomplish your health goals

– Live with greater balance and energy to reach your full potential

Free Circle + Bloom Intentions

Download a clip-able PDF that features daily intentions special for fertility.

Sign up for Circle + Bloom Free monthly fertility newsletter, Thoughts in Bloom!

Our monthly fertility newsletter seeks to be a little breath of fresh air during your hectic schedule, learn something about your body, connect with us through our mutual experiences, and then maybe share with a friend who may be struggling with fertility issues, including unexplained infertility.